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The following things, whilst existing in the game, are not canon:

  • Papal State (Pluribus I)
  • Balmora (Pluribus I)
  • Dwarven realm/Mahakham (except in the sense of it being a myth) (Pluribus I)
  • Soviet realm (Pluribus I)
  • Midgar (Pluribus I)
  • Any of that futuristic stuff
  • Any multinational navies in the middle of the ocean
  • Anything aliens
  • Anything airship related
  • Monoliths (Pluribus II)
  • Mongols(?) by Shadow (Pluribus II)
  • Aztecs in Elyria
  • Archadia Nova
  • House of Legionculia crypts (Pluribus III)
  • Any survival server (e.g. Nemesis realms such as Dalmasca, Outremer)