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Poszotér on the Dynmap
Nation: Nicoloviana

Poszotér is the county capital and largest settlement of the County of Poszotér. It lies on the eastern edge of the northern the shore of lake Pontus, at the mouth of the some_minor_river.



Places of Interest

Abbey of Poszotér
This century-old abbey is located just east of the city, on a small peninsula. [Modeled after Tihany abbey, Hungary. IG builder: Tumultuosus]
Town Hall
Recently renovated, it's were all administrative and judiciary decisions of the Province are taken, explaining its size. [Modeled after Obernai city Hall, Alsace. IG builder: Tumultuosus]
Merchant hall
One of the most recent addition to the city, it houses the town's permanent market. Its Belfry (the highest tower in Poszotér, standing at 66 blocs tall) possess giant clocks on its north and south side that can be seen from far away on the lake, reminding even the loneliest fisher of the opening & closure of the market.
St-István's Church
Poszotér's main church, of Omnican confession. [Modeled after Szekesfehervar Cathedral, Hungary (colors) & St-Etienne church, Rosheim, Alsace (general shape) IG builder: Tumultuosus]
Ruins of wall, remaining tower & gate towers
After the walls were partly destroyed during the civil war, only the southermost tower protecting the harbor and the gates (needed to collect the grant) were maintained. [Modeled after towers & gate towers of Rosheim, Alsace. IG builder: Tumultuosus]
Various houses
every city needs nice houses. [all modeled after houses found in Szekesfehervar, Hungary. IG builder: Tumultuosus]