Ottavio Makesini

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Garantius XLII (full regnal name Octavius Makesinus Garantius XLII, 814 AIC - 874 AIC), usually referred to as Emperor Ottavio, was Emperor of the Holy Archadian Empire. His ascension marked the return of the Garantius dynasty on the Imperial throne.

He was born as Ottavio Makesini to one of the most influential families of Archadia in the height of the Tor Ardwen regime. His paternal great-grandmother was Giancarla Garantio, whose offsprings were the most direct relatives of house Garantius by blood. He quickly rose in prominence among the Archadian patricians for his wisdom and cunning, taking control of the family business before he reached 30. It was in that time that he first became known as Ottavio "Il Magnifico" Makesini. After the conquest of Archadia by István Nagy of Nicoloviana in 840 AIC he became a chief supporter of cooperation between Archadia and the newly established Holy Archadian Empire, hoping that Archadia would manage to dominate the Empire through soft power.

When Emperor István Nagy was assassinated in 860 AIC by Curia plotters without leaving any heir, Ottavio Makesini quickly took control of the situation and with the assistance of his personal friend, the newly appointed Heliarch Justinus Aurelianus, and, using his blood relation to the Garantii, became the new emperor of the Holy Archadian Empire. Immediately afterwards, he created the Duchy of Faendal on the lands previously administred by the Order of Saint Castor of Karden and integrated them fully into the Empire. By marrying his only child, Lucrezia, to Baldassare Velisario, the Duke of Garantinopolis, Garantinopolis rejoined the Empire as well. The Principality of Vlachia also voluntarily joined the Empire. These events are jointly known as the Imperial Restoration.

Emperor Ottavio, coming from a purely Archadian origin, believed in shared power. This belief was even stronger following the Nicolovian Civil War in which the Nicolovian nobility fought with Emperor István Nagy over power. To ensure that Emperors could no longer rule absolutistically in the future, he created the Consilium Basileii, an Imperial Parliament consisting of nobles and representatives of Imperial Cities.

Ottavio Makesini died in 874 AIC at the age of 60, from natural causes. He was succeeded by his son-in-law, Baldassare Velisario.